Can anyone tell me what is Shamanism ? and how to use it.?

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Have heard about it , seems very effectvie and powerfull ! I am facing down turn in my life…hopefully it may help !

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Kevin H.

Maybe this page can help you.
Good luck!


Shamanism is the religion of the Mongols and i heard it is like a fortune teller thing. The person dances around a fire and talks to spirtis.


The goal of the shaman is to achieve an ecstatic state of mind to achieve a direct connection to the spirit world. Shaman’s induce a trance state by chanting, music, or dance. The shaman may attract spirits by dressing in an animal guise and they use the energy received for healing, divination, or other magic uses.


Sometimes Spirit orchestrates things in our life that ensures we are forced to examine other paths and ways of thinking. I sense this is such a time for you. I’m including a link below that helped me tremendously when I first began learning about the shamanic journey. I really had little idea of what I was doing until I read the information on this site. There is a section on soul retrieval and it is very real. I’m including a link to my blog as well and please contact me if you sense I can help you in any way.
Blessings, Nick

♀♀ Mileena

Shamanism originated from Siberia and is believed to be the oldest religion. If your looking for power then it’s not for you. To be a shaman you must be one with nature and used your magick or psychic powers for good things like healing the mind and body. You may worship who you wish, but must honor the spirits of nature and the dead. Herbology is a very big part of it and you must thank the spirits for your help. You find your totem, meet your spirit gudes (usually more than one), and comunicate with nature.
The shaman initiation is different depending on the ways you follow. It is different in ALL countries. I try to combine all. In some you muxt drink a poisonous drink or eat a poisonous plant and if the spirits allow you to live you are a shaman. The most common belief is you will go through either a deadly illness (not a disease), a sleep with a spiritual dream (comes in many forms), or insanity.
It is not fun and games.


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