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Can anyone tell me what healing happens when you have a vein removed from your leg for bypass operation?

Do they seal the ends up or do you ‘grow’ another?


  1. legs are full of veins it wont grow once is taken but it will heal. sometime people have varicose vein and its pain full surgeon just remove them and there is not any major complication related to that. Spartan

  2. My mother had bypass operation, they took the vein out of her leg. Now she was in a bit of pain for about 1 week, but felt great and leg healed just fine. No you don’t grow another vein. I tell you though, mom could breath better and was so much better than before the operation. She was in hospital for 6 days, then home, very limit on walks, lifting for a while.
    Here is a site to help you understand it more:

  3. I am not competent completely, but first option is good if the graft is longer, and second one if it is short,
    however collateral venal circulation is sufficient to compensate leg’s state

  4. i was rather unlucky //my triple by pass went beautifully and I’ve had 5 marvellous years but my leg took 6 months to heal and I’m still on water tabs as it twice the size of the other leg so what happens re sealing the ends off yes i guess they do

  5. yes my left leg is 1 cms fatter than the right leg, after triple bypass surgery 9 months ago. I don’t bother about it now, as I have no problem in walking or jogging.

  6. The blood just finds alternate routes back to the heart. That is what they told me after my bypass.
    Really weird, they just pull it out now. Cut it loose at the hip, and pull it out at the knee.

  7. It is the collateral’s that take the business ! There are many collateral arteries in the legs and when the major vein is taken than this collateral take the job and some new collateral’s also develops!Always YouRsmE


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