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Can anyone tell me the meaning of this tarot card spread for me?

well guys i did a spread about a person i really care for, i love him so much but he only sees me as a friend and i accept that but i believe in the saying “que sera sera” what will be, will be. and i got curious and did a spread with that saying and him in mind and i got
*in order*
Knight of Swords
Queen of Swords
The stars
can someone please interpret that in detail thanks 🙂


  1. I assume by the “stars” you mean the major “”the sun”?
    Assuming “stars” is “Sun’
    This would seem like a favorable spread but you are both to hard head and head strong to make it work. He has a bit of pompousness and arrogance … you are better remaining friend … this relationship would be a little to explosive …
    Email me if you want more …

  2. I have never used tarot cards but know some people who do. They have brought nothing but pain and harm. I suggest that you burn them. They are evil.

  3. Hey am really moved with your genuineness and unconditional love and concern for your friend. I know for sure that tarot cards do show fruitful results fro the ones who really believes in it. however it can’t be proved by logic and not all phenomenas can be defined by science, can they?
    have found out these links to help you greatly. will surely work for u.
    knight of swords: http://www.ata-tarot.com/resource/cards/
    queen of swords: http://www.ata-tarot.com/resource/cards/
    the stars: http://www.ata-tarot.com/resource/cards/

  4. The King and Queen of Swords, in my experience, indicate people who work in academia (teachers) or medicine, or law. That sounds like I’m covering all bases but Swords are about intellect and the challenges of life we need to use our heads for.
    If these 2 cards are you and him then it sounds like you both stimulate each other mentally.
    This is the basis of your relationship.
    The Star is a card of hopes and dreams which is exactly what you are doing with this man.
    So I would say that it is unlikely you will ever be anything other than friends from these 3 cards.

  5. It’s funny but we all have a little different take on this. As most have noticed, both you and he thrive on mental stimulation. It’s what keeps you both interested. He is on the quest for ongoing mental excitement, which might make him a difficult mate, especially since his heart is in his head. Obviously we cannot will another to be attracted physically to us, so pay attention.
    You are someone who needs to feel respected for your brainpower. I would also guess that you don’t throw yourself at just anyone. You are usually circumspect in your advances. Can you be involved in a reasonably happy relationship with this guy? I think so. But why would you want someone who was not interested in you physically? Spirituality is important but you are in a body on this trip.
    Since the law of attraction does just that, my counsel would be to focus on what it is that attracts you to this guy and not on him. Then you can use what you like to attract someone who wants to be with you, as opposed to someone who wants out.


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