Can anyone tell me the healing properties of Petrified Wood as a healing crystal?

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what is petrified wood? is it scared wood? honestly i have no idea!!!! soudns daft!


One thing I do know is that its supposed to promote good relationships


Petrified wood can be used to strengthen the back,and to align the skeletal system. It can aid in the treatment of hearing loss and incontinence…..


Go to to the beach at Cleethorpes, by the end of the north promenade, and just below the high tide point is a petrified forest. Once the tide recedes hang out there until the tide returns, and these will be the benefits. You’ll get on better with your partner, you’ll have a strong back (well you’ll need it, if things improve with your partner), you’ll hear sound with clarity, and you’ll stop wetting yourself. You’ll also get hypothermia.


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