Home Discussion Forum Can anyone tell me the difference of an Incubus and a Succubus?

Can anyone tell me the difference of an Incubus and a Succubus?

Are they real? Do they appear in your dreams? Have you seen them?


  1. Incubus is a male spirit who rapes women in their sleep.
    Succubus is a female spirit who rapes men in their sleep.
    I’ve never encountered any.
    I don’t know if they’re real, but there are plenty of claims.

  2. An incubus is male, a succubus is female.
    They are both seductive demons that lure their victims into sex/rape.
    No, theyre not real. No, they dont appear in my dreams. No, I have not seen them. They are from mythology.

  3. They are both sexually-hungry demons. Incubus is the male version and Succubus is the female version. By that description you could imagine what victims are favored by each of them. They are fictional and if they are real, I wouldn’t want one (in my case it’s the succubus) to appear in my dreams.

  4. yeah so everyone already answered what they are.
    But some interesting history:
    Back in ancient greek times, women would often get raped by men. The men would then claim an incubus that disguised themselves as the man must’ve done it. men held all the power back then so the courts said cool it was an incubus not this man let him go. As for you woman too bad we can’t stop the demon.
    men also used this excuse when they were caught cheating on their wives.they’d claim their partner was a succubus lol.
    men were kinda pathetic back int he day.

  5. I dont know that they are real or not, but i would love to be an incubus. Foul hecubus get thee behind me.lol


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