Can anyone tell me of meditation excersises they might use when working with crystals? (ppl who believe only)?





by Live Alive:

I am trying to start meditating with my crystals to get to know their individual energies better. I believe this will make a healing session more efficient. If you are familiar with crystals or have meditations that work well for you, please answer this question 🙂 The reason why i ask for non believers in this not to answer is because, by you stating your opinion about how this is just nonsense for example, will not help anyone. I believe in their energies so please dont answer. This will only cause a negative energy build up 🙂 Thank you sooo much 🙂
Love Light and Peace 🙂

Answer by Pangel A.R.T
not so much meditation
but colour visualisations
some chakra vis or something


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