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can anyone tell me of a good book to read about alternative consciousness?

i’ve just finished reading the castaneda series and i can’t get enough of the spiritualism.


  1. i recommend you read the conversation with God series. by neale donald walsch. its amazing reading and puts the universe in a new perspective…. well…for me at least.

  2. I believe this particular author covers more along the lines of altered states while under the influence of drugs, however the book “The 3 pound universe” highly recommended “Altered States of Consciousness” by Charles Tart, (1969, so it may be out dated) he also has a number of other books on the subject.
    ~ Mike

  3. I highly recommend ETERNAL WORDS by JJ Dewey. It’s the fourth book in THE IMMORTAL series. It’ll take you places you never dreamed possible. You can read the first book free online to see if it appeals to you.


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