HomeDiscussion ForumCan anyone tell me if they dreamed about egyptian symbols?

Can anyone tell me if they dreamed about egyptian symbols?

Who is out there that has strange dreams about these things. Past lives, dreams, telepathy?


  1. I dont dream. Well i do, but only about twice a year. But i think that dreaming about egyptians symbols wouldnt mean anything unless they were particualry powerful symbols.

  2. Sometimes I’ll dream about an Ankh. I don’t know why this one symbol stays with my so strongly I even have it tattooed on me because I’m always just drawn to them. I haven’t ever figured out the meaning it has for me yet.

  3. I’ve experienced all those things and I associate the phenomena with my deep involvement in Egypt’s mystery religion. One twilit morning a dream vision came to me of the Eye of Horus. It seemed to float from nowhere and then rested over my heart. When I got up from bed I was compelled to sketch it and still keep this with my most valued possessions. There have been telepathic messages between myself and my king and others who only reveal themselves with words. I’ve also received some amazingly beautiful visions of a life I lived in Egypt. All these things came together for a reason. You will soon understand more fully that which you now call strange. Blessings to you, dear Gabriel.


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