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Can anyone tell me if it is possible for a psychic to assist in finding a treasured lost item? I am desperate!

I lost a necklace my husband gave me for Christmas a few months ago. Several searches of my entire house have been unsucessful, yet I believe it is here somewhere. I am wondering if a psychic or some other type of medium might be able to guide me to (or close to) its location? Any advice is most appreciated, I am completely heartbroken over losing this necklace, I just want to find it! Thanks!


  1. Stand in the middle of the room/house and, yell out loud that you demand to be told where it is. Then, listen. Lost does not necessarily mean gone, just missing.

  2. I knew of this lady couple years ago that could do it (dont know her number).. but you need to go to her within 10 days…. My friend lost her wedding ring .. turned her house upside down and couldnt find it.. went to this lady… she told her exactly where it was… she found it…. Hopefully you will be able to find someone near you and not a scam artist….


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