Home Discussion Forum Can anyone tell me how to use my third eye?

Can anyone tell me how to use my third eye?


  1. Its in your heart when you are filled with the Holy Spirit and you are a Christian. You can see things with your heart that you cannot see with your eyes.

  2. third eye chakra is for visions. I can see my animal guide with it sometimes. It is also used for the gift of future sight. please ignore the ignorant christian comments, they are as spirtual as dog poo. concentrate and meditate. first you must open your third eye if you have not already, there are websites that will tell you how to do this or there is a book on the kundalini in the bookstore.

  3. Thanks for the q, Big B…it’s brought some of the funniest answers I’ve read today. Thanks also for the laugh 😉

  4. your third eye corresponds with your 6th chakra. look into that. and it also is connected to your pineal gland in your brain. find what you can about making it more active. other then that you can contact me.

  5. Visit a spiritualist church. The medium there should be able to assist you. Also, try and get hold of Dereck Accorha`s biography.The book goes into great detail with regards to “opening and closing” of the minds (third) eye.

  6. You do it frequently and don’t realise it. Have you ever just known a correct answer or what to do even though you have never been taught or experienced anything similar before??Some call it woman’s intuition or ,in men, a hunch. We have become so literal as a species that it gets overridden in favor of human logic mostly.Before the introduction of science,we were more in tune with our other senses that is all. Peace.

  7. NO PROBLEMO, BIG B!!! Your third eye (also known as your JAP’S-EYE, BROWN-EYE or CYCLOPS) can be found at THE VERY BOTTOM of your back. Agood way of finding how to put it to use is to eat a Tindaloo, or Phall curry… easily obtained from your nearest Indian take-away….then simply wait! The next morning, I’m sure YOU, as wereI VERY, VERY, VERY sorry to have found a use for this evil bast…..erm……eye, at all!!!! Take care, BIG B

  8. Hi! Don’t you worry, I AM here. First off, before you can think about stimulating your 3rd eye, you must make sure your other chakras are healthy.Why? Here’s how;Imbalance.If you stimulate your erd eye when your 2nd charka isn’t operating to its full ability, then your going to throw your body into more unbalanced chaos and this will most likely cause minor problems within your mind, body & soul.All lot of people now days have asked this same question and I try my best to explain that you must go in chakric order to obtain the best results.
    The objective is WHOLENESS.
    You want visions, clairvoyance, intense “dreams”…yes, I understand but the safest way to go about it, is to do it right. Here’s how (taken from my 360 blog):
    March 27, 2006 Color Therapy And The Chakras
    Hello! Everything is energy. GOD is the very essence of unconditional LOVE; which is energy. Color is energy and every color vibrates to a different frequency. Chakras are spinning disks of concentrated energy that are interdimensional in location, existing both in a person’s astral body and in the spine. Every chakra vibrates to a different frequency and thus vibrates to a color. A person can be healed with color emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Since each person is an individual and their chakras vibrate to their own frequencies, color ranges are used and locations are approximate. Listed below are the more familiar spinal chakras.
    chakra name color range approximate location
    1 root brown-red OR red-orange tailbone
    2 sacral red-orange OR orange-yellow 2 inches below the navel
    3 solar plexus yellow-orange OR yellow-green 2 inches above the navel
    4 heart green OR pink OR gold between the breasts
    5 thymus green-blue (usually turquoise) 3 inches above chakra 4
    6 throat blue base of throat in the fleshy hallow
    7 3rd eye blue-purple between the eyebrows
    8 crown purple-white the crown and top of head
    A person’s favorite color usually denotes their prominant chakra. Likewise, a person’s least favorite color denotes their least active chakra. It’s important to provide energy to underactive chakras so they don’t borrow energy from the neighboring chakras. You can energize them while you sleep by wearing those colors which you dislike. You most likely display the characteristics represented by each dominant chakra and dislike the characteristics represented by each color you dislike. If red is your favorite color, you’re probably a sensual and grounded person who is reliant on impulse. Your basic necessities would be of upmost importance and you may be described as courageous, abrupt, over-bearing and driven. You would have a strong sexual drive and robust appetite. If a person disliked the color red, they would most likely dislike those traits or would lack them in their personal makeup.
    Balance is the key. All the chakras need energy to ensure good health. To fully accept the human condition without judgement is a mighty cross each one of us must bear. We are often taught to think and behave in certain ways from the get go. To deny a certain part of yourself, is to deny that ruling chakra and energy.
    Strive for wholeness!
    By accepting the knowlege that your body is a vessel of GOD’S divine LOVE, you accept the energy that enables you to sustain life.
    If you awaken and have a backache, you can see that the primary ruling color for the first chakra is red. Trust your intuition with the shade. If you are more drawn to brown, by all means, use brown. If you are drawn to use an orangy-red, by all means, use it. You ask how? (If a bad back is unrelated to kidney malfunction, I usually recommend a person to wear red underwear. If related to weak kidneys, orangy-red should be used to strengthen them).
    Clothing, bed sheets and blankets, color bathes, visualization, in the choice of food and beverage (natual , of course. You can purchase a colored cup, fill it with water and leave it on the window sill so it is charged by the sun’s rays through the color of the cup), candles, some aromatherapy oils are naturally colored, lightbulbs, gem stones, those little round stickers that school teachers use on their pupil’s papers (they come in red, blue and yellow in one packet and orangy-red, lime green and bright apricot in another but you can color over all of them!) colored sunglasses and even stained glass windows.
    chakra provides energy to these organs/functions/parts of body
    1 reproductive organs, lower back, legs, feet, colon/elimination bladder, blood
    2 reproductive organs, lower back, colon, kidneys, bladder appendix,lymphatics
    3 stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas,digestion
    4 heart, lungs, breathing, circulation
    5 thymus gland, immune system
    6 all things throat/voice related, thyroid, parathyroid
    7 vision, certain brain functions, pineal gland,nose, sinuses, pituitary gland
    8 pineal gland, pituitary gland, brain function, illumination, hormones
    I’m always open for advice, questions or concerns!
    For the 3rd eye, I recommend you use either a gem stone or color therapry.Be sure to increase the time spent meditating with your prefered tool, little at a time. You can use the color indigo/royal or navy blue, a gem stone; Aquamarine, Chrysocolla,Soadlite, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise,Amethyst, clear quartz is also good as is Azurite,Blue Calcite, Rutilated Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Charoite, Selenite, Sapphire & Sugilite. All but 2 are inexpensive roughly $1.00 – $3.00 the $3.00 stones being large ones.
    If you experience headaches or bloody noses while stimulating your 3rd eye chakra, you should seek a healer, someone who can identify the blockage that needs to be delt with/removed.
    If you are experiencing these things now, you have a partial blockage and should still seek a healer or trained professional.
    There isn’t a trick to using your 3rd eye. Once it is operating, it works by itself.There no need to train it. It will work like your organs, and other senses. Like I said, WHOLENESS is the key.
    When the body works in WHOLENESS, everything works together. The 3rd eye is most active during meditation/sleep.You will most likely not be conscious of it doing it’s job…it will just work.
    If you have any questions just email me.Good luck! 🙂


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