Can anyone tell me how to figure out if someone has cursed or put a hex on me? How do I block or remove it?

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I have a feeling that someone close to me may have done some dark magick on me. I have been having problems with this person for about a month now. Last week they escalated and they left the house. After they left, I found a print out of an Ebay auction for a voodoo doll. This week I have been having unexplained aches and stabbing pains in random spots throughout my body. This came on so rapidly that I don’t believe there is a medical reason. I would really like to know what to do here. I know this sounds a little nutso, but I would really appreciate legitimate responses.
JESUS, I guess I should define legitimate….

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First off, they can only affect you if you believe in them. If you don’t believe in them, then they can’t hurt you.

Susan V

Pray to God to have the curse lifted from you. If you believe in demons, you must believe in God. He is the only one who can, and will, help you.

jon m

hey im very much into that kind of stuff email me some details and i’ll **** with them for u


If you believe in God and serve the almighty king, then do not worry cause no harm can come to you. Do not believe in no kind of voo doo stuff cause God is in control and if you believe in it, then it can harm you, otherwise believe in the mighty God and his powers that can overcome anything and there you will be okay.

Elmo Gluckensmackle

If you are a believer, just carry on you are fine, forget about it. If you are not a believer, the more you think about it, the more it will be a self-fufilling prophecy. Worst case scenario, make some vodoo dolls of your own, after they start experiencing a few unexplained aches and pains, they may decide to back off a little.

chris j

a Voodoo doll usually needs something of yours in it to make it work. most of what is sold in e-bay is novelty. and a person that is buying it that is not trained in magick would just be wasting money anyway.
however if you are convinced that this is what is happening e-mail me.
give me some details of your religious beliefs and i will help you to write a ritual of protection and tell you how to preform it so that it will actually work.


If this is a person you know, ask them. If they say yes, ask why. Try to settle your dispute so that you walk away with a clear conscience. Do not give in to unreasonable demands, just clear the air between you. If the person says no, they are either lying or telling the truth. Take it as the truth either way, but check to see if you have any unresolved conflicts with this person. This is going to sound too simple, but dark magic cannot hurt you if your conscience is clear. Settle disputes. DO NOT COUNTER ATTACK! That could make it worse.



Gypsy Muse

OK this is a serious answer so disregard what I’m about to say. Peoples brains can really play tricks on them. For instance you see a scary movie alone and after it’s over you start overreacting about normal sounds. This can also happen with people who claim to see ghost. If you believe or disbelieve in ghost doesn’t matter. Even if they are real doesn’t mean all cases are ghost haunting. However someone might hear a ghost story so their mind kind of plays along. You’ve seen this voo doo doll on ebay and even if this doll isn’t meant for you your mind is still playing along with it. Which means what? You are the one letting this doll control you.


think positive and positive things will happen to you
and dont worry about that stuff


are you serious? I dont believe in that hoodoo voodoo crap. But if you really believe then this is what I have heard you can do: 1st get something personal of theirs can be anything-strand of hair a personal belonging whatever.keep this item with you for 3 full days. on the 3rd night (before midnight) say out loud to the item: “what was once another’s is now mine…time to break the ties(curse) that bind. then you say the Lord’s Prayer twice while clutching the object. Then and this is important you must return the object to it’s rightful owner without their knowledge before the next full moon. THAT’S JUST WHAT I HAVE HEARD


If you truly think you have been cursed then you need to seek the help of a mambo or hougan. They are priests in Vodou. I don’t know where you are located at. My house is in PA. My mambo works with people all the time to help with any spiritual problems they may have. I can tell you that depending on the magic done it may take a while and alot of work to get rid of the problem. If your friend did not know what they were doing then you should be able to get rid of it yourself. Because voodoo dolls are not part of Vodou practice you can try some wiccan techniques for cleansing and protecting yourself.
You should burn a sage stick to help to cleanse yourself and then space you live in. While you are smudging the area you should recite a prayer you feel will help to cleanse the area. You can write one yourself. I would also recommend taking a bath with some cleansing herbs and oils.
After you have thoroughly cleansed yourself and your home I recommend a really good protection spell to help keep the negative energy away. The protection spell should be reinforced every month until you are confident that the negativity will not return. Good luck!


Hi. Let me put it to you this way, firstly: any kind of cult or religion demands from the believer to pay his/her dews; in other words if you’re a Buddhist, society and deities will expect you to adhere to certain physical and spiritual laws. If you have chosen the path of magick, it means you are susceptible to its power. Secondly even if you don’t believe in anything, remember it’s not our belief which determines the existence of things. I thus have to agree with one of the previous entries: find this person and sort out the problem between the two of you. Remember this important lesson: relationship first, curses later. There is no greater magick than the witch, who solves a problem with his/her charm; this is magick in itself, and I believe it’s much undervalued.
I also do spells to effect those I feel are unjust. These spells, however is based on how their attitude change toward me … It’s a two way thing. Moreover this spell is remedial in nature; it is suppose to help me look into myself as well. I’m no expert, but I suspect all magick is based on this principle. Those who try to practice magick in any other way are playing with fire; our Gods are of justice…
Good luck

Tabitha Shoemaker

I need help trying to figure out if the dolls my mom was given by a customer of hers are voodoo dolls. He went to Portugal for a vacation and brought her back 4 dolls. We can’t tell what they are. Can anyone help????? Please and Thank You!

Brandon Johnson

Hi my name Brandon Johnson I’m in Seattle wa I started getting sick when I stay by my brother house my stomach bloating feels my whole body on fire dry mouth every time I eat something my body burn I been to the doctor they can’t figure it out


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