Home Discussion Forum can anyone tell me how do i astral project?

can anyone tell me how do i astral project?

i have tried forever and i really want and need to astral project could someone please tell me some way to do it


  1. Most will tell you that it can’t be done. I seriously doubt that it can be done but you never know. The laws of physics which we currently understand are obviously limited to what we have figured out. Therefore there could be a lot of things which are possible that we are currently unaware of. If you figure it out…let me know. Also, if you figure it out you’re going to be very, very rich.

  2. Make a slide of the moon and then place a back-lit lens between it and a white wall , this should provide an astral projection.

  3. Hmm. If you have been trying for a long time, the only more I can recommend is try to eliminate any subconscious fears, that holds a lot of people back. Uhh, and check out some methods and OOB techniques and stuff, some people “rock-climb” or roll out I dunno, lots of stuff. 🙂 Meditation.
    Don’t go in to be stupid though, learn to shield so you’ll be safe. And good luck! Best wishes.


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