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Can anyone tell me anything about the correlation between our higher self and your inner heart?

Does our heart have an inner heart that is consciously aware? Do you think this is possible? I am starting to be fascinated with the possibility that this is how I became consciously aware of my soul for the first time. I also believe that this is where our higher intelligence resides…maybe like where we get our conscience and how insights are made aware to us. Like its been there all along, but we just haven’t developed a spiritual awakening yet deep enough to have a permanent connection to it?
I also wonder if this is the Christ consciousness that resides within us all.
Any thoughts?
I don’t think an emotional heart center has much to do with our physical organ…I could be wrong, but something tells me it is located near the heart, maybe right next…but so close that over the years saying our ‘heart’ just became accepted since no one has explained why we feel our emotions in our ‘heart’ but more realistically not the physical organ.
You know how when someone does something a person considers shallow or selfish and they ask that person if they have a ‘heart’? That is what I am trying to say…not the physical organ.


  1. We all are human, God willing. But to be human we need to have free will and to have free will we need the emotions and fears of our animal soul, but we also all have a spark of the Divine, the Godly soul. While the angels only have a Godly soul, they can only do what He asks, each only has one mission, and each dedicated to Him only. While this is good, they have no free will, we do. We can become spiritually higher if we use our Godly soul, through our emotions, will, ego, love, etc, to make everything good, because it is by free will. If we use only our animal souls, we become like an animal, without a heart, or with a heart of a lion, or that of a lamb, the choice is ours. You need to use your animal soul to do what is Godly here on earth.
    Both souls are inside of us all the time. Our true goodness and holiness can only come from our Godly soul and it needs our body to be its vessel, an instrument, a way to use our animal instincts to do good deeds, to be kind, to be warm, to have empathy, to see the goodness in others and most of all to do His will while we live a so-called normal life here on earth. We have had a spiritual awakening since Adam and Eve, some let their animal emotions overtake them with jealously like Cain and became an animal himself, killing his brother. Others before the flood, wanted to play god, be a god, and change nature to suit their needs and make the ungodly into an insult to God’s greatness. So the flood and Noah and his family became the righteous survivors in their generation.
    Since then, we have had the same Godly spark, the same animal drives that makes us human. This is permanent. But we can let our animal emotions rule if we ignore our real reason and purpose here on earth. We need to be spiritual awaken each day, we need to remind ourselves to do nothing we wouldn’t want someone to do to us. But we live out life as humans, and so much gets in the way. We can become heartless. We can see how others act and we don’t want to be like them. It is no miracle, it is being a humane human.
    What we need is follow His word, His instructions for a moral and ethical life. But so many are distracted. Even a doctor that operates and saves hundreds of lives, can turn on himself and belief that it was all his doing and believe he is like a god, when it was God that gave him the talent, the means, the opportunity and took it and was so blessed with saving others. And surprisingly, if we have worked with handicapped, with the homeless, the street kids or even women that have had to become prostitutes or strippers to feed their families, we can learn from them too! You don’t have to “look” godly to share a moment of Godliness. The trials that others go through, the pain and suffering we see around us and maybe experienced ourselves can bring us to appreciate the goodness around us, to know how to love, to be loved, to have friends in the worst of times.
    As we mature, so does our understanding of life, our missions here, and God Himself. So use your spark of holiness and go learn, teach, do good and help make this world a better place. God speed.

  2. What a deep question and a profound and valid response from 2 tribes 2 clans.
    Yes from the experiences that many of us have, we do have a subtle heart which connects to and can control in a way our physical heart. Your experience is real, the higher intelligence does live there It’s your Spirit “or Atman in Sanskrit”. When it is allowed to reveal itself in our awareness we experience the bliss which is the truth within the whole of creation. It is the heart chakra and it registers whatever is going on within you and outside of you.
    You may walk into a room and sense something sad or tense without knowing why. You are picking up the sadness or stress in others who use that room or who are actually there… for instance. Or you yourself might react with fear or emotion to a circumstance in your life. This closes the heart like a violet closes when the sun disappears.
    There are methods to remedy this.
    Another big heart smotherer is anger and a big ego. The left side of your heart chakra is also reflected upon the left side of your head where the ego sits. Natural humility deflates the ego so that the heart chakra opens and the loving blissful spirit can flow and express itself and influence everything around it like a cure all.
    Jesus came to awaken the agnya chakra in our forheads so that we can forgive as he forgave those who tortured him. Thus releasing this higher intelligence which has no ego, and allowing the spirit from our heart to flood our minds. So you are right about that too.
    This may all sound like double-dutch to you, I hope not. Years of experience of the kundalini have given credence to this awareness. There is much much more.
    Love to you and your dear dear heart.

  3. The heart can be a treacherous thing. It can over rule the mind .
    That is the free will of decision. We can read or hear things and know what to do yet You feel with your heart what you want to do.
    When I hear atheist declare it is all just chemical reactions in the brain,I say HOG WASH!
    The brain is logical the heart is not. It is a muscle that pumps blood.
    Yet many times in life you decide on how you FEEL about something,even though you THINK it should be the other way.
    The human heart has a free will. That is why God has allowed humans to prove to themselves, that they cannot use their free will unless they have the proper guidance ,and keep that guidance in their hearts,Not just their heads.

  4. Do you know only God really knows our hearts./
    You are on the right track.
    It is all about love.
    And Jesus is His Name.
    God Bless You Kaseypink.


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