HomeDiscussion ForumCan anyone tell me anything about an incubus or succubus?

Can anyone tell me anything about an incubus or succubus?

I know that they are demons that are able to have sex with humans, but what else can you tell me? Like how do they choose who they have sex with or why does this even happen?? And is it even really true??


  1. Incubus’ are ghost or poltergiest like beings that cause trouble & mischif through sexual acts, like waking you up in the middle of the night to try to get you to have sex with them. They can appear as both male & female depending on the person their targeting’s preference.
    Succubus’ are basically the same thing.

  2. well i guess ill tell you what i know first of all they can change sex from male to female they collect semen form men while in female form then they change into man form an impregnate women the resulting child is a incubus/succubus. they choose their partners based on stress because its said they had sex with their victims in their nightmares. they probably do it because they cant have children with their own kind and personally i dont believe in mythology, i just enjoy it

  3. Here’s the skinny on how they “got started”
    a woman in a village is woken from sleep by a man raping her, she recognizes the man as someone she knows in her community.
    The man’s defense is “It was a demon that raped you” his logic is that a demon (later named succubus) “stole” his semen, and gave it to another demon (later incubus) who took his form and raped the woman.
    Who are they gonna believe, the woman who’s only good for “one thing”, or the man.
    would you believe such a story in this day and age? not likely, but back then people were like sawdust, just sucked up that sort of bile.

  4. An Incubus is a demon that has sex with sleeping human women. A Succubus is a demon that has sex with sleeping human men.
    It is also believed that an Incubus and Succubus are the same because they are both one demon that has no gender, but instead switched between each sexuality in order to reproduce. For example, a succubus would mate with a human man to draw semen, then transform into a semen bearing incubus ( These type of demons are all infertile. No eggs, no sperm, no demon baby) This now ‘fertile’ incubus would find a sleeping female and copulate with her thereby impregnating her. The resulting offspring are called Cambions. Cambion are beautiful like angels and very seductive. Which is why they can be referred to as vampires for their sexual activity. For evil lechery, they prey off the opposite gender of humans. Like vampires, their appearance is rather enticing and tempting and draw in men or women ( depending on the sex of the Cambion. I don’t think they have gay vampires!!) to have intercourse with them.
    Also, having sex with an incubus or the female alternative, the succubus, is also believed to be deteriorating to health.
    Both an incubuses and a succubus appear in stories to be a spirit that gets its sensual satisfaction off women or men while there are in their dreams. It leaves the victim to have wet dreams ( which women can have too) at night, and the incubus and succubus remains in the human’s mind all day until they return to sleep and dream, or have sex with them, at night. Eventually the demon will do this to its prey until they die.

  5. An incubus (plural incubi) is a demon in male form supposed to lie upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have sexual intercourse with them,
    In folklore traced back to medieval legend, a succubus is a demon who takes the form of a woman to seduce men in dreams to have sexual intercourse.

  6. Hi all. Well my husband and I have both
    Or the one that changes between male
    And female, which ever you believe.
    All we kno is that we both are being
    In bed. It usualy attacks one at a time.
    Mother of us is a Christian and are not
    Prepaired to be one or get rid of it that
    Way. I am a Buddhist ( use to be a born
    Again Christian and my husband is a
    Recovering catholic ) we moved in to
    The house we are in now, and I was
    Attacked first ( menu times) I should say.
    I thought i was just dreaming, ( I have been
    Raped several times by past partners)
    my husband was raped several times as
    A child. I am 46 and my husband is 53.
    The house we are in we believe has a
    Spirit in it. We would be happy to live with
    Him (I think he’s male, just a feeling) if he
    Played nice. He moves things around
    Sometimes and I have seen glimpses of
    Him also felt his presence . We burn lavender
    In an oil burner now all the time we are
    In bed All through night in an attempt to
    Curb his activities . It dos not always
    Work. If anyone has any helpful ideas
    Or infomation we would be gratfull.
    Please Only Kind and legit replys, we don’t
    Need any more bad energy.
    To all thank you .
    I hope that my honesty about what is
    Happening to us helps others to sperm up
    About Thais own experiences .

  7. Hey I have a incubse and he’s part of the new breed witch is a cross between anti angle and incubse but I only found a few pic of what he look like and it’s what was shoot in to my mine the frist time we ever fusted with each other he is had jet black hair pale white skin and a gangster voice Kinad don’t ask how I now I just telling you what he looks like he’s a very charming sprite and can tlak a gurl in to the sheets o0o but some times he’s just plan greedy with the love -.- can I get advice or am I on the worng sit for that? 🙁

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