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can anyone tell me an easy and quick way to consecrate a talisman?

Ive been wanting to make a talisman using te 5th pentacle of mars the problem is im not that good and experienced in consecration would appreciate it if someone could give me a link or instructions.


  1. When you are relaxed & ready to make your talisman, focus upon the symbols (see source below for the symbols), at the same time focus only upon what & why you are making the talisman, It is advisable to Burn a Candle & Some Incense to cleanse & Invoke appropriate energies. Once you have finished the Symbols and the Talisman complete, on the Reverse side of the talisman; write the Persons or Your Name & Date of Birth to whom the talisman is for… then add any other relevant or appropriate information; Dab or lightly sprinkle oil & incense onto the talisman, then Coat the Talisman in Candle or Bees Wax. The Wax can also contain Incense & oil but not necessary. Once the Talisman is complete carry it close to your person when applicable or place it at it’s most appropriate place.
    Bright blessings to you, and I hope this helped!

  2. Annoint it with cinnamon oil and say a prayer from the heart, its simple really as long as it comes from the heart.


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