Home Discussion Forum Can anyone tell me about telepathy.?

Can anyone tell me about telepathy.?

I’m interested in pychics and peaple who can read other peaples thoughts telapathicely.How do they do this?How many peaple in the world have this sense.


  1. i’m thinking, thought and movement, such as were the brows are based on what emotion or thought or what intake of breath is associated with what said. it seems telepathy would involve observing many, many people, and finding a pattern. this must be just one aspect of this.
    also, if someone can read one’s thoughts. what is one going to show the telepathic when aware? they may know all the cards, but I control the playing table……

  2. Telepathy is much more exaggerated in the media than how it works in the real world. I don’t think there is even a possibility of reading somebodies thoughts, however; it is quite true that some people are very prone to peoples energies and body language.

  3. Some theorize that everyone has the capability, but it is a lucky few who come by psychic skills naturally. Anyone can study and develop skills. Telepathy is only one of many “psychic” skills, and it is where people can communicate information mentally. There is also Clairsentience (psychic knowing), Clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairvoiance (psychic seeing), etc.
    A channel (like John Edward) is someone who can communicate with spirit beings, such as guides or the spirits of people who have passed over. This skill is developed over years of learning to communicate safely with the spirit world, which includes learning how to protect yourself from lower-level entities who might wish harm on an unprotected person.

  4. Telepathy, the ability to read thoughts, is very real and I can do it. I’m stronger with the spirit world though than the living, but you’d be surprised how easy it is. For me, it’s very instinctive, the thoughts of others pop at random through my brain, and they come to me in my own voice (though yes, I do also have the ability to hear spirits voices), so sometimes it can be a bit hard to decipher them from my own. The easiest way to tell is simply that it’s sudden, an odd thought completely out of the blue. Ever been doing something where your mind is occupied and a friend pops into your mind out of nowhere? But yeah, I can also concentrate on someone (a friend or relative say) and know about what they’re thinking. I say about b/c I’m still learning and growing, still learning to recognize the thoughts as different from my own.
    How many people in the world? Everybody has the ability to do it. Just only some of us have tapped into it. I didn’t tell you how b/c the poster above me is right–you must learn how protect yourself first from the darker side of the spirit world.

  5. everyone of us has it ,,just some don’t believe or care. I’ts like hearing a song on the radio ,and you thought about that particular song maybe 5 min. agoOne must keep fine-tuning the gift. practice with cards, get your friends,involved.Think of a number and write it down,have a friendconcentrate on the #
    and see what happens.

  6. You may find this site very helpful http://www.psipog.net/articles.html
    This site talks about all kinds of psionic abilities Telepathy,Empathy, Psychokinesis. It also has manuals on how you can learn to do this stuff.
    (note: this site was built by some one who claims they can do these stuff)
    Have Fun


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