Home Discussion Forum Can anyone teach me shamanism via the internet?

Can anyone teach me shamanism via the internet?


  1. Ok you can learn Shamanism so don’t worry about it. First look it up on the web, the basic principals.
    Second get some sage and a feather any feather burn the end and start saging your self daily.
    Put it out to the universe what you want to learn about shamanism and what you want to receive.
    Second if anyone wants you to pay money for teaching they are a fake. (Unless it is a class type teaching and reasonable).
    Good luck

  2. Probably not.
    In most cultures that use shamans one needs to be apprenticed. A shaman needs to learn psychology and diagnostic medicine.

  3. no.
    shamanism is connected to the earth and the ethers of the inner realms. It cannot be experienced through the internet. You may learn steps but your practicing it would have to be practical and daily. Once you wish this.. your path will open up to it. So look for reading for inspiration… but look to your inner life to develope to become the shaman. It is not something taught, but expereinced. Many are opening up to their latent shaman powers, and will be shaman for the Rainbow tribe of all the world.
    Go outside and sit under a tree. Feel the trees energy. Can you feel it. How does it move. How do you know it is the trees energy. what is your energy doing. are there other presences. ask it. hear/feel/sense it answer.
    these are the concerns of shaman, for to read/sense the moving energy, traveling dreamtimes and shapeshifting are all part of the subtle realms.
    so sit under a big tree {more energy} feel, communicate.
    no internet can do that.


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