Home Discussion Forum Can anyone teach me astral projection?

Can anyone teach me astral projection?

I want to project my spirit out of my body,go back in time to the 1960s possess a beautiful woman’s bodyand live as her.Please my life is sad.I’ an outcast.its like everyone’s against meI want to be a woman and finally be free from these damned dogmas that come with being a man.


  1. Astral projection is fake. Move to California or somewhere else where they don’t give as much credence to old timey gender roles.

  2. take a ladder, use it to climb a light pole.
    use rubber gloves to grab the whires and cut them with a pair of scisors, once seperated, attach both ends to your ears…
    you will then see a menu of other bodies to take.

  3. No such thing — maybe you should just take up sniffing glue as a hobby, the way Robert Monroe (author of “Journeys Out of the Body”) did.

  4. Good luck with that.Maybe you just need something different..like a hobby. or new job or change of location.You know something that can be done.

  5. I think that’s a positive goal. I suggest finding out how Dr Sam Beckett did it and try to replicate that.

  6. Certainly I can. Just send me all the money you have plus assign all the rights to all the property you own and will inherit and I will, for this remarkably cheap sum teach you to astrally project. It may involve drugs, windows and high buildings but, hey! I’m a guru so it must be OK.

  7. No. That is impossible. You curse about yourself. You need to get real and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ to save you from going to hell.

  8. Get a telescope
    Go out on a clear moonless night and pick out any star you see that is at a
    10 O-clock angle
    And think what would it be like if I lived on that stars planet that can have life on it
    And I would be looking at this planet Earth and wondering
    Wonder if there is life on that little speck of light in the night sky
    Do this and you will of astral projected your imagination to that little star in that lonely sky
    On this one night
    If you don’t have a telescope use your imagination when you pick out one speck of light in the night sky
    The end results are all the same
    You project your self to that little lonely star you see that one night
    Do It You Will Like It
    I Did And Still Do only with a 10 inch Mead reflector Telescope and Man you have no idea what it feels like to see the moons of Mars or see
    NB-80606b dual star’s one planet pass past the front of it
    Man that is Astral Un Real


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