Home Discussion Forum can anyone suggest ?

can anyone suggest ?

a good simple nuts and bolts how to book or website that covers things related to shamanism such as trancework, astral travel, dreamwork, etc. for the absolute beginner. thanks
edit Anthony W Mcpherson
I am expecting years of study and work. I am just looking for a how to on getting started.


  1. If you are that person, the ultimate source of knowledge on any subject is the Holy Spirit, the entity who is in charge of all knowledge. He surrounds us at all times and is just waiting for someone like you to ask him something. In the movies, he is akin to the Force which is a very real concept.
    The Holy Spirit demands of you certain things before he will give you any of this very special knowledge. The things that he desires is that you feed the poor, help them with their basic education and strive to love everyone, not physically, but in the Spirit.

  2. Online groups…
    The foundation for shamanic studies
    The lorian association
    There are lots and lots of them…I would suggest reading
    “the way of the shaman’ by michael harner..hes the founder of the foundation..its a good introductory book and explains how to do the shamanic journey.
    Good on you for taking this step to shamanism…I have been on this path for a few years now..its not easy..but it is wonderful and amazing
    blessed be

  3. None that are authentic. This “instant gradification” that people want is really non-existant. It takes years, and studying and work.


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