Can anyone suggest any books involving the third eye,telekinesis,and witchcraft?





Please suggest books or courses or ebooks that you have tried or know someone who has tried or know the author to be a good and reliable one^_^Please send me names and web addresses and where i can find them, and anything on black magick, real and powerful black magick and telekinesis would be most appreciated.Thank you for your time and have a nice day.


  1. I have telekinesis but only when I’m really scared or stressed.I get this feeling like everything is going black,almost like I’m unconscious.Then things start falling of walls or shelves.The lights have even acted up before.

  2. Have you tried Barns and Noble they have an entire section to Religion and Spirituality and its not just focus on Christianity?

  3. the librarian will but it is dangerous so dont get into it…try some comparative relig books just for learning and choose Jesus.

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