Home Discussion Forum Can anyone suggest an "epic" liquid to fill a scrying basin?

Can anyone suggest an "epic" liquid to fill a scrying basin?

You see, I’m writing up a demoness character, who’s a master of divination magic and a powerful seer.
So, she’s got this stone basin which she gazes into, right? But I don’t know what to fill it with.
I don’t wanna use something stereotypical like “inky water” or “blood”, you know?


  1. How about mead. It’s wine made from honey. Bees are connected to the intellect in some mythologies. Then after scrying, she drinks the mead to ensure that she remembers what she saw when scrying.

  2. The only liquid used in a scrying bowl or mirror is rainwater. It must be collected in the bowl itself or transferred from a wooden or stone container.
    Clear water is “epic” enough.

  3. Sea Water? There is a ceremony where the scry pit is filled with a sacred herb covered over with sand gathered from the swirling surf without ever being touched by human hands. Maybe you could use something like that.

  4. like the mercury suggestion (especially if you call it ‘quicksilver’)
    Maybe menstrual blood, or urine, or how about something flammable like kerosene … and she scryes by lighting it on fire and reading the flames?


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