Can anyone show me just one example in the history of the world?

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Can anyone show me just one example in the history of the world of a single spiritual or religious person who has been able to prove either logically or empirically the existence of a higher power that has any consciousness or interest in the human race or ability to punish or reward humans for there moral choices or that there is any reason – other than fear – to believe in any version of an afterlife?
Official answer? I think not, I can prove that wind is there without having to see it.

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Not yet


not one person

Trinity P

ummm nope….but I’m guessing the sheep are about to get rowdy with you,to try and prove their invisible powers…good luck


I think the more pressing issue is the empirical proof that the use of full stops in a sentence is beneficial to the whole of mankind.

nancy n

I believe Jesus Christ is the answer and you should believe it also.

adam d®

I think the official answer to the question is this:
Can you see the wind? No you can’t! Does that mean it doesnt exist?


Being school tomorrow……..?

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How come some people who believe in "God" and "creationism" don't believe in Qi (chi)?

Not that they're ALL like that... but seriously, if you're going to believe in a single being that created the universe and everything else,...

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