Can anyone relate to the following in terms of self-delusion?





The Zen master/teacher at one of the Zen monasteries in the U.S. spoke about an incident when he was a student. He had this anger in him about something and, when he saw his old Zen teacher walking towards him, he quickly put on a serene, spiritual face. When he passed the teacher, he bowed and gave a serene smile. When the teacher was 3 steps past him, the teacher made a puking sound because he saw through the delusion and the mask. This made the student even angrier. But it ultimately allowed him to see the ego masks that we put on and to see what he was doing. Can anyone relate in their daily lives?
Pangel — It means that we all manufacture a self concept that we use to both fool ourselves and others. And that this self concept is an ideal that we manufacture. And that subscribing to this and trying to adhere to it is the problem. We try to be the spiritual, wise, loving person. Or the rich, mannered person. Or the humble person. Whatever — it’s all manufactured Instead, whatever arises and whatever is — just let it be.


  1. Just read your reply to Pangel. I liked your Zen message. Too bad it didn’t penetrate into self. Your reply seems like the old rationaliztion, intellectual persuit of disproving what you don’t want to embrace. I also like your last sentence to her, “Let it be.
    Whispered words of wisdom. Let it be”
    -John Lennon
    Peace and Love

  2. The ego must be set aside to allow the light that gives life to enter the heart. Many mask I see. When I speak to a friend I often say ” You can lie to your friends, You can lie to yourself, but you can not lie to me”. I find anger comes from fear, fear comes from ego.

  3. _()_ Indeed I can. I’m still slave to my self-cherishment to one degree or another yet, but I’m working on it just like we all are, who have not yet attained buddahood. The teacher did a great kindness to the student as you have in sharing this.

  4. you mean that we are different things to different people ?
    of course we are
    i wouldnt act one way in front of a friend and the same way in front of my mother ( she would kill me )
    but she knows what i am like in front of my friends as i tell her … but out of respect i would not act the same way with her
    deluded ? … no i dont think so
    respectful ? ….. yes and so i should be

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