Can anyone recommend any books on Spiritual Warfare? Easy to read preferably and avaialble in the UK. Thanks?

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The Third Eye by Sophia Stewart…she the original writer of the Matrix movies but her work was stolen.


Please visit the website of Derek Prince – a great man of God now with the Lord.
For free online archived radio programs, CD’s, DVD’s and books go to:

♥Love and Grace♥

You may wish to look for books by Arthur Wallis or John Bevere.
John Bevere’s book Enemy Access Denied is very good, also he has written the Bait of Satan which equally is a good no compromise book. Arthur Wallis has written God’s Chosen Fast which is a Christian resourse on spiritual warfare x x


There’s such a lot of bleep bleep bleep spoken about spiritual warfare and its not spiritual warfare at all, just entertainment. There’s a good one – written in the early 90’s – which was a great help to me way back then which is still in print, called ‘Making War in the Heavenlies’ by Bill Randles. He’s the only one I can positively say is sound, because he talks sense, though Derek Prince and Arthur Wallis are pretty okay, too. However, Randles speaks pretty clearly and directly, you know what he’s getting at.
You’ll probably not see it in the bookshops, but you can order it through them (try an Christian owned bookshop), or else try Amazon, or look up Bill Randles on the Web and get his publisher.


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