Can anyone recommend a specific stone or crystal that is used to help access the Akashic Records?

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I want to use this stone or crystal for meditation.

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yes try a crack rock


I’d recommend a double terminated natural clear quartz.

Yoda Greene

You DO realize that stones or crystals do NOT work for meditation right?
That’s just a new-age (rhymes with sewage) load of crap to sell junk to brainless morons.
Though it IS the same way that churches operate…


Don’t do it, it’s Satanic


Quartz, celestite, amethyst.. Pretty much any stone with a high spiritual vibration.


Try Apophyllite. I have used it to enhance dreaming and it really works, but it has other qualities as well.


Quartz crystals carry a natural piezoelectric charge, which is why they are used for electronics, watches, and the like.
They are very good for channeling energy during meditation.


you mean people still have pet rocks? I had one, his name was Herbie! if I can find Herbie I will send him to you! he helped me out a lot, he held my papers down and helped me crack nuts and once I threw him at my sister! wait! I now remember what happened to Herbie, guess I won’t be sending him. :- (


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