Can anyone recommend a good yoga, meditation, or hypnosis dvd or tape?

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Or a book but I prefer a dvd. I like both kundalini and hatha yoga and am looking for some new things.

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Open focus Meditation is pretty cool. Hemi Sync recordings are great and Hypno Peripheral Processing is the coolest Hypnosis that I have ever tried. All those are CD’s
Donna Eden has tons of great DVD’s on Energy Healing and things like that.


The newest form of yoga is YRG by Diamond Dallas Page. I found some free sample videos at and then I ordered the DVD’s from there. It is an upbeat version of power yoga with some new positions and movements.

Tom R

A very good tape (hypnosis) is the Erickson Institutes poly voice induction Journey to the center of time. It always works and works well. It must be listened to on stereo earphones. This is not new Mine is over 15 years old I do not know how many times I made new copy because the old one was worn out.


You might be interested in their online store

JD Bell

There are many stress relief techniques available both online and off. One of the most popular approaches people take to managing their stress is to learn about the benefits of self-relaxation programs. These programs generally take the form of self-hypnosis related training and are very simple to use. In addition, there are free hypnosis online resources that you can utilize to get introduced to the power of self-relaxation and behavior modification through suggestion.
You can find links to a couple of exceptional free hynosis resources (courses, mp3s, cds, etc) at our site:


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