Home Discussion Forum Can anyone read these tarot cards for me?

Can anyone read these tarot cards for me?

9 of cups, the star, 5 of wands, the ace of wands, 8 or swords reversed, 7 of swords reversed, the world, the page of swords, and 3 of swords reversed.


  1. Type each card in Windows live search and you will be shown. The 9 of cups is called the Gypsy Wish card. A very lucky card to draw, indeed. Type in the card name in the search. I have no time and you should seek the meanings yourself. Instead of listening to a possible troll’s answers.

  2. Each card can have hundreds of meanings based on your area of interested, position in the spread and the person who read it.
    No one else but you can interpret them.
    And if you need general meaning there is plenty info online.

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