Home Discussion Forum Can anyone read my aura just by looking at this question?

Can anyone read my aura just by looking at this question?


  1. Yes, and it says you are related to muffin the mule!! AKA an ass!!
    No offence meant but you can’t be serious ROFLOL!!!!

  2. Take no notice of what you have already been told your aura is blue which means you are in need of healing, except this from one who knows !

  3. Are you for real???And if anyone says they can, are you actually gonna believe them?? I can read it……….Get a life!!

  4. Stupid it may seem to believe in the existence of these stuffs, I have heard from my friend that somebody can actually read auras and can know you just by looking at your words or questions on the internet. They chat through e-mail and that is really weird. I don’t know who that person is. But she really is gifted.
    But on the practical side, if you want to know the color of your aura, you could visit tickle and take a test about “how bright is your aura.” It’s kinda cool to take tests there. Mine is gold.

  5. You are too winner and never defeat any one and life can e alone and presently you must aware in all respect money health and relatin and life can be alone too must careful


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