Home Discussion Forum Can anyone provide me with the transcendental meditation technique?

Can anyone provide me with the transcendental meditation technique?

I understand it to be better for me to go out, pay my money, and take the course; though until i have enough money for that, i was hoping to get a synopsis of the technique, how the mantra plays its part, and whatever else encompasses the bare essentials of TM. I would appreciate this immensely. TM seems to be making the world a more blissful place, one mind at a time. I want to be a part of this cure.


  1. if you are in a big city, check out yahoo meetup groups. there are many groups that get together for TM or other types of meditation.

  2. You may find some very different opinions of Tm on the internet. I would advise you to do some research before handing over any money.
    There are loads of places you can learn to meditate for free.
    My favourite is http://www.freemeditation.ca/

  3. Basically you have a Hindu religious ritual, which is a ritual performed by devout Hindus at their personal altar performed for you. Then you will have a Hindu goddesses’ mantra given to you. You repeat it mentally. When you realize you forgot to repeat it, you easily come back to repeating it again.
    It’s not worth the price, since you can get mantra meditation instruction for much cheaper. TM is one of the “dead end” techniques. It only leads you to more items they’ll want to sell you. Please read up on the web. Most TMers quit due to side effects.

  4. transcendental meditation is about no-mind, understanding in life cycles and life is the basic of transcendental, here is a link that I use, try the faq pretty interesting too.

  5. If you sat down and attempted to meditate on your own you would probably experience a lot of thought activity and most likely become discouraged after some time. You need a powerful initial experience and proper guidance to help you become established in this wonderful practice of meditation. There are a few paths out there, and some are attracted to one or another for various reasons.
    Personally, as someone who has done this for 7 years, and currently teaching it, i would recommend learning the Sudarshan Kriya as part of the Art of Living Course. This is a powerful breathing technique that totally brings the mind in the present moment. From here, you can easily go into meditation. The Art of Living also offers a meditation technique similar to the TM. This combination of Kriya and meditation is very effective and you can learn how to do it on your own in 3 days.
    You can contact one of the teachers in your area, http://www.artofliving,org, and ask all the questions until you are satisfied.

  6. Call 888-LEARNTM. There are FREE Introductory and Preparatory talks where you can get your questions answered properly. The people at 888-LEARNTM will help you find a Certified TM teacher near you and that teacher will help you figure out how to finance the course.
    The Certified TM Teachers are dedicated to finding loans, grants, scholarships to enable everyone to learn The Transcendental Meditation Technique regardless of their financial situation.
    You are already on a good track. You know you want to learn TM. Great! Now go for it. Good luck.


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