Home Discussion Forum Can anyone prove that any crop circle was not man-made?

Can anyone prove that any crop circle was not man-made?

When crop circles first appeared almost 30 years ago, they were simple. Two men admitted about 10 years later that they made them. Since the early 80s, they have gotten more elaborate and complex. This trend has humanity written all over it.
Any crop circle I have seen pictures of fails to convince me they are not man-made. Can anyone prove that any crop circle was made by any other means, natural or otherwise?


  1. i can’t prove they were made by aliens or anything other than humans. but i like to believe they were made by aliens attempting large-scale arial communications with other alien spaceships. why look for a reason to be skeptical?

  2. I have heard of some crop circles that were not man made. The proof was in the crops because apparently they had evenly snapped to a perfect 90 degrees and they found a natural phenomenon on the crops where the plant had high levels of nuclear traces on it. I dont know the true orgions of crop circles, howeve anything is possible.

  3. well some are just too elaberat, but i mean most could be blamed on that, but even with our technology how would not one person see something so extreme going on?

  4. I doubt it. Some of them were gorgeous, almost works of art with virtually no evidence of man-made entrance and egress. But the fact their occurrence has ended makes it now appear as just another UFO-fad. Too bad – they were great!

  5. No one. Until this time, that phenomenon remains a mystery. The truth is out there (X-Files background music please…)


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