can anyone please recommend a medium or clairvoyant from the dorset area?

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can anyone please recommend a medium or clairvoyant from the dorset area? i don’t mind travelling a bit, but it’s slightly limited as to how far. anyone experienced any good readings from local readers?
I don’t want opinions on whether you believe or not please, everyone is entitled to their own.
just any good recommendations on personal experience or good word of mouth?
thankyou 🙂

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South Beach Girl

The best answer i can give you is this, there is a great psychic on named Crystal. She did readings for my 18th birthday and everyone was totally amazed by her. I didn’t even believe in that stuff until she gave me a reading.


funny how this question is in the mythology and folklore section!


Don’t worry, any real mediums or clairvoyants in your area already know that you are looking for them and they will contact you soon.
If no one contacts you, unfortunately that means there were no real mediums or clairvoyants in your area.


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