Can anyone please give me a psychic reading from a photo on here thanks?






My birthday is 16 July 1982
An aura reading would be good too thank-you 🙂
lol! Yea i actually got my roots done soon after that photo was taking, thank-you for the observation, im actually asking this as a serious question as I’ve been through a bit of sadness and would like to know if there is happiness ahead so serious answers would be great thanx 🙂


  1. * You dye your hair
    * You are 26 years old
    * Your name is Sandra
    Sorry, that’s all the psychic essence I could foresee today.
    Please pay me $55 per hour rate and I will see if any more information becomes available.

  2. Your aura is vibrant. I see a future of love and loss, over and over. Maybe 3 or 4 times you’ll be used by a man. With downs come the ups, and after the setbacks, you’ll find your match. After all there is happiness ever after. Lucky girl!

  3. Nice photo. I’m starting to get some psychic energy but it would help if you could post some bikini or lingerie shots.
    Seriously, psychics are about as reliable as random chance and a little guesswork.

  4. You need to retouch your roots.
    You need a better camera.
    You will be hit on at least once here on the forum after showing your picture.
    There you go… Have fun!

  5. im not that psychic but my friends say i am. umm.. well u look like ur a bit shy.someone at the back of the group. you need to express yourself in More ways than 1NOW imight bee completely rong or close to the truth.i dunno

  6. You highlight your hair.
    Your bra is not padded.
    You like big earrings.
    You exercise regularly.
    For more information, please dial 1-800-PSY-SCAM and a representative will take your call. Charges apply. 🙁

  7. I can see lots of love and romance, and … oh that’s fascinating, I’m in the vision too. Oh, that looks quite interesting.

  8. Here is my reading:
    (a) The focus needs to be improved. The auto-focus chose the wall rather than you as the focal point. Ask your photographer to focus manually.
    (b) The brick pattern background is not flattering. Choose something simpler, or more angular, but definitely slightly beyond the depth of field.
    (c) Lighting is good, but a little mundane and too even.
    (d) Touch up the hair, but only slightly. The strands in front look fine.
    (e) You are very cute.
    Any more ‘psychic’ than that would be just a bit beyond my means. Take care.
    Added: Okay, Sandra, fair enough. Here is my ‘serious’ answer. You gave us all a link[1] to an Internet site[2] which stored a digitised image[3] in a binary file[4] resident on a server which is not located[5] where you are. We then had to download the bits locally in memory[6] and render them on our display screens[7]. Yes, that is SEVEN layers of SEPARATION from *YOU*. (Eight if you count the stored copy in the camera.)
    So, as you can imagine, obtaining any psychic readings after all of those indirections that relate somehow to you and your being is simply out of reach. Anyone, psychic or not, would do far better by meeting you, holding your hands, looking into your eyes, and listening to your story. Your voice comes from where you are. That is how you are known and that is the path of your future. MM.
    (And I am still right about the photography tips.)

  9. You will meet a Tall, High Waisted Pant wearing Stranger called Harry and you will feel compelled to do his bidding and dress like him in sensible, high waisted pants!!

  10. You are well-meaning but extremely gullible to believe in such nonsense, and will be taken advantage of both financially and sexually by con men with no conscience.
    This is a very serious answer, btw.

  11. Things will change in your life,you will find love and romance you are looking for…Is their any stress in your life? And your a Cancer..
    Morgen the Mystic will be here all week….

  12. Sandra, you do not need any body telling you who you are.
    God has already made you beautiful, live to please and you will find happiness here and in the world to come.
    But if you decide to take your beauty to the market place, I tell you, you will bought and sold over and over. And with the cash crunch? Your guess is as good as mine.
    N/B: Please stay away from spiritism, it is neither good for you nor okay by God.
    You were divinely created, use the energy in you by praying in the name of Jesus, the LORD GOD of the Universe.
    The man that will make you happy will come, just do not be in a hurry.

  13. I see creepy posts, from loney guys and assorted perverts in your future.
    BTW my B-day is July 15th! AND 12 years earlier.

  14. Your photo tells me that Jesus is what you need for you to succeed in your career, life, family relationships etc.

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