can anyone learn how to become a psychic medium? If so how?





I would love to learn to become attuned to this very special ability inorder to be able to have, even the slightest bit of contact with my spirt guides, as a way to seek some sort of guidence in my life. Also because I would like to contact my family inorder to atleast know they are with me in some way, and to bring some comfort to my everyday meloncolic feeling of not having anyone around for support. to help give me support just knowing that they are still exsisting in another realm and that i am not alone. If i could have any advice on how anyone has accomplished this and the resourse etc and also any storys to validate the process I would be very grateful, thanks.


  1. Have you ever thought about a person then almost straight away the phone rings and it is the very person you just thought about? We will often greet the called in this situation with ? Am I Psychic or What? Or have you acted on a hunch and taken a different rout on a journey and later found that you had avoided an accident or some other sort of unforeseen difficulty? A psychic will be very aware of the subtle happenings and look for the insights and guidance within them.
    Regular meditation is a common exercise amongst psychics and people developing their psychic abilities.
    Many psychics have experienced their psychic ability from childhood, claiming to be able to see or talk to people others can?t see, or some other kinds of imaginary people or characters. Up to the age of about seven years our brainwave frequency while awake is ALPHA (Alpha = 14 to 7 cycles per second when measures on an EEG: An Electroencephalogram is a brain wave test.) Most of us loose these abilities past 7 years of age as that is when our brainwave activity speeds up along with our intellect and thinking skills. Luckily, with a little training and understanding, we can slow down our busy minds. Calming down enough to access these states of mind is essential to develop psychic ability.
    I have some tips and advice on my website below.

  2. The psychic skills are different from those of a medium. I, and my wife, are psychics, in different areas. My sister in law is a medium. None of us can do what the other can just as well. So, it’s a given, that some people are better than others. Yet, you can hope to develop the powers that you do have. The best way to do is through self hypnosis. You can discover all the powers you need, by yourself, in yourself.
    Second of all, my sister in law, again, a good medium, doesn’t shield herself half as well as I can. A medium ought
    to learn of psychic shielding before any work has begun. There is a great article online about that, called Psi Shields 101.
    Second of all. An important notice. You may be seeing the spirits already, without realizing it. What you usually see in the movies is humanization. You cannot see the entity, under than with your “mind’s eye”. It might be interpreted in different forms by your mind that has only 5 physical senses. The lnaguage of spirits is that of symbols and concepts, not human words. They even have a form of music, but not on our frequency. And another thing. If they are earth bound spirits they would remain with you. If not, they crossed over and to reach them you would either have to be abomb of a medium, or to have some special link with them. You should explore those options of course because you might be one of the lucky ones. But that’s not a given, so you might need a talented medium to talk to them.
    One of the best psychics that I have seen in my life believes that everybody can do. As a reader for beginners, she recommends
    1)anything of Edgar Cayce
    2)William Hewitt, Psychic Development
    From myself I would add that while I haven’t read this book by Hewitt, I have his book on hypnosis and I am very impressed with him as an author. I believe that should help you. Until you do that, try to keep in mind that what you feel from the spirits is presence, energy. Try to picture the enrgy of your family, what it feels like to you; completely relax, shield yourself by imagining a bouble around you that fends off all ill energy directed at you; and listen carefully to the energy around you, you might be able to feel them, or even “see” them in some form, as a picture, a smell, some approximation of what your other senses picked up psychicly. Good Luck.

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