Home Discussion Forum Can anyone knowledgeable of the Tarot help me interpret my brief reading?

Can anyone knowledgeable of the Tarot help me interpret my brief reading?

I basically recently let an amazing person step out of my life, and now I miss him dearly. There’s still some hope to the situation though, and I did a brief three card reading.
My question was “Will I see or be back in contact with ” ” in the near future?”
I got:
The Empress
10 Swords
The Sun
I have a somewhat good idea, but I’d like to hear another person’s opinion too! Thanks to anyone who wants to toss in their 2 cents!
Add: Upright. No reversals.


  1. You didn’t say whether the cards were up or down, but it looks like a no to me if they were face down, and a yes if they were face up. Hmmm….

  2. The Empress represents the Mother figure, so somewhere in this situation, either your Mother or this person’s Mother was involved somehow, and whenever I see the Empress turn up I go ask my Mom what she thinks about it all.
    The 10 of swords….erm…well….that makes me think that if you do see this person it will be a bad idea. I see heartache and bitterness and pain so it seems to me like perhaps you should leave it be.
    The Sun does represent “a new day” so to speak, so things are going to get better and you’ll be fine.
    My overall interpretation: Ask Mom for her advice, stay away from whoever this question is asked about and you’ll be fine.
    But that’s just my thoughts. I hope other people chime in too!

  3. Maybe.
    The World would indicate a good ending, however, first is the Empress and the 10 of swords. To me, this would indicate a Woman, very imperious, or overly proud, which brought things to ruin. 10 of swords isn’t a friendly card, but one of ruin and defeat. This leads me to think it was this woman, overly proud, who brought things down. The Sun does indicate it could be a happy ending, however, with the sequence, it could also indicate that it does complete, but with the 10 of swords indicating such ruin, it might be the completion of that ruin.
    Since the Major Arcana dominate, it makes me feel that the end results aren’t in your hands, but really rely on other people. Things are out of your hands, possibly make the fist overtures yourself, but the end results will not be up to you or what you do.
    If you are the Empress, then, yes, I would definitely say make the first moves yourself, bend, and then it will be up to this person as to what, if anything, happens next.

  4. I believe that in this situation, you have a strong desire to be the Empress, the Queen of your own life (perhaps you have imagined it with this person?) The 10 of Swords tells me that this issue is a door that you should allow to close. No future is to be found if you cling to this past – let go. The new dawn born of the 10 will develop into the energy of the Sun, a renewal of yourself. The sun also has a quality of “what was I thinking?” in that things that had once seemed insurmountable can be seen for what they really are. You have conquered them and moved into a brighter and more confident future.
    You may see this person again, but what you feel that you may have had will be altered. YOU will be different. Right now I think that you are recycling regrets and ‘what ifs’ in your mind. This “amazing person” has been a learning experience for you. Take what you need to move forward and leave this past behind.

  5. Generally yes/no questions aren’t too good to read on tarot, though in the context given — where it’s obvious that you want a yes/positive outcome — the generally positive cards indicate it will be so, especially with no reversals.


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