Can anyone here read Auras, is this something anyone can learn?





How do you do it? Is there a good website/book i can read? Also please don’t answer if you have anything negative to say, thanks in advance


  1. Hmm.. reading auras don’t imply sensing auras. Reading auras give insight to the person you’re looking at. It’s nothing special at all. It’s a normal process of life that eveyone took for granted. It starts off with how you feel around things. I’m in the mood of teaching atm!

  2. I think it was shown by a 11 year old girl, in an article published by a national magazine (JAMA), where the kid took a bunch of people that claimed to be able to “sense auras” and showed that they all were faking.
    It isn’t exactly the same as saying “no one can do it”, but it pretty much nailed closed the coffin on those dumb slobs. None of them were better than statistical average. This IMPLIES that no one can actually “read auras”, so draw your own conclusions.

  3. a great author to learn how to read auras by is a person named ted andrews, you should be able to find his books at borders in the new age section. any one can learn for we are all spiritual beings having a human experience

  4. Reading Auras, and learning to heal with them is something that can be learned. The how is fairly easy, and it simply takes practice. I don’t know of any website, but there is a book called “Hands of Light” you could try. It’s not an easy book, however. Hands on learning is the easiest way. You might want to check your area for anyone who does “Therapeutic Touch Energy Healing” or any energy healing of that same type. Not Reiki, it is not the same thing and doesn’t really deal with auras.

  5. When you balance your chakras, you strengthen your aura by activating levels of pure energy deep inside yourself. As a result, the harmony restored to your mind, body, spirit is reflected in a strong, clear, shining aura. This shows that you have the psychic energy to live your life to the full, and you radiate an almost tangible glow of inner security and confidence.
    Sadly, however, this strength won’t last if you haven’t corrected the more negative traits and imbalances in your character or identity~(name) or any personal pronouns that you use. And your aura will inevitably revert back to its weaker, unhealthier state. Psychic healing and enhancing intuition can certainly transform your life, but only if you help the process along. Do this by building up your store of self-knowledge, keep regular notes in your psychic journal, acknowledging and accepting your particular weaknesses and strengths with candor and good humor. Try to correct your negative habits, but most important of all, reach out for any opportunities to change your life for the better, rather than pretending that you don’t have any problems.
    However, much as you try to bolster your aura persistent weak spots will be revealed there. You can identify some of these by answering simple questions like a few I list below. And, don’t be discouraged~you’ll discover your positive qualities there as well.
    How strong are you?
    1. When you have a disagreement with anyone, do you stop any negative feelings?
    a. within minutes
    b. 24 hours
    c. several days or even weeks
    2. When you’re talking to someone who is in a bad mood or distressed,do you~
    a. maintain your own equilibrium
    b. let that person’s pain affect you
    c. feel drained afterwards.
    If you answered….. mostly (a’s)~ you are very centered in your own energy~ this is a good basis for maintaining your psychic health.
    mostly (b’s)~ you respond naturally to the input around you and are highly sympathetic, but you need to develop a stronger sense of autonomy. Use visualization and meditation to help with this.
    mostly (c’s)~ faced with other ppl’s opinions and moods are you easily shaken and put off balance. Seek help and skilled healing to restore your inner balance.

  6. anyone can learn,
    try blindfolding your eyes in a black room,keep a plant in front of you,after 20 minutes of meditation,take the folds off and look to see where the plant is,this is a simple practice,over time you will start to see the aura. the more practice the better it gets.

  7. In Seattle, we have a guy that comes once a year to teach us how to read AURAS… I went to the class and it was awesome.. The AURA is a light around the person.. It has color and can possibly change color.. No book is necessary: You simply have to understand the colors and their meanings; Read the link below and start practicing.. You will be surprised at how fast you can read AURA’S

  8. Unfortunatly no. You have to be born with the ability to read auras. Technically it’s just that you see a certain hazy color around a person. and Depending on that color is how a person is inside , how they are felling, and physical problems they may have.

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