• The most important part of a spell is intent. You must be clear on what you want. No one here can answer that, except for you.

  • Just try a protection spell to start off with, that was my first spell. You can find them on the internet but the one I do is burning sage and Dragon’s blood Insense throughout the house saying “I banish you(2x) Nothing evil may enter. Nothing evil may stay.” Chant that probably 3x.
    There’s also always good health spells, but make sure before you do a spell, you ask for protection from your Gods and/or Goddesses
    Good luck!

  • *sighs*

    No. Do it yourself. As a Wiccan, you shouldn’t be playing with this stuff, and you SHOULD understand that no responsible person will teach you magick and that any spells (if they are done, not all Wiccan do them) will work better if YOU make it yourself.

    And yes, I’m with someone else on here… why must all teenage girls go through this as though its a fad? When you’re an adult, then you can make an educated decision on it and you wouldn’t post this question on here because you’d know better since you’d have already done enough research to understand what I’ve already said and you wouldn’t have tried to jump ahead.

  • Magic isn’t a toy. It’s not there for your amusement.

    In my experience (14 years or so), spells are best performed out of genuine need. Although I’d certainly say you’re on the right track in wanting to do something nonharmful.

    Find something in your life that needs changing or adjusting and create a spell to meet that need would be my advice. I’m not even going to get into the subject of magical theory, although you should probably be well-grounded in that before you start mucking about with spellwork.

  • Although I congratulate you on starting magick, I agree that you probably shouldn’t do a spell for no reason. Magick isn’t some 1-2-3 kit you buy and then play with.

  • grab a jug of water and put it on a table
    hide a jug of wine underneath the table
    show people the water and ask them to turn around, while their backs are turned switch the water with the wine
    there you have the spell “turning water into wine”

  • I think a nice healing spell. Maybe one to ward away sadness or depression. You’re bound to find a worthy friend who could use the help. Good luck!

  • Your fairy godmother want you to caste a spell of goodness and the wicked witch want you to stir up some trouble.

    But honestly, I do like your question. It was fun.

  • You will need:
    white parts of 3 leeks, chopped
    three to four medium potatoes, also chopped
    1 tbsp butter
    water or vegetable stock.

    Saute leeks until translucent, add potatoes and enough water to cover. simmer for 30 minutes or until potatoes are tender. Blend. Add broth/water to reach desired consistency, and salt and pepper to taste.

    Voila. I call this spell, dinner.

  • Learn the magic spell of “You’re not a wizard”.

    Magic is fake, the magic you see on TV is special effects, editing tricks or misdirection.

  • You shouldn’t just do a spell for the heck of it.

    Wait until there is something you need, and your intent is clear.

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