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Can anyone give me guidance on my "chi" energy?!?

I have been doing shotokan karate since im 5 1/2 years old (10 1/2 years now) twice a week 2 hours each class. I am curently a black belt 1 Dan. The other day i had a weird occurence happen to me in class. Well… I felt my muscles flex/relax/strenghten (its hard to describe) when I kicked the training pad (the pad was in very good shape) that my partner was holding and i literary torn the pad in half. when i got back home i could still fell my muscles have this weird sensation but the next day it was gone. Now, a few days later I can “Activate” this “chi” at will and its pretty impresive how my strengh reacts. Is there anyone that does martial arts or that has some knoledge of whats going on give me guidance or advice. Many thanks.
this may or may not have been clear…Im 16 YEARS old my hormones are kinda done there job and thank for all the creative resposes…exept the first one… 🙂


  1. you see your problems are coming from your taking those pills off the counter then you watched cartoons and this is the result you think these things are happening but they are not
    also you should not be on here at your age

  2. That is not “chi”.
    Chi does not fill into your muscles. It travels through the body in between the space of your fascia.
    It does not develop by itself, specially if you’re doing external martial arts. Chi does not give you strength as you described,
    It is energy that comes from the electromagnetic field created from the electrons on the atomic level.
    This is probably Hormonal activity.
    Aaron R – I think he’s 16. He started at 5.5 and stood for 10.5 years. It kind of confused me too.

  3. You has an Instructor to ask to about that matter, approach him and he will explain to you about such worries, what you feel is not a part of chi.
    Being a 1st Dan Black Belt, you already knows how to deal and understand about those things, just research more for your reference.
    Good luck

  4. study tai chi and qigong for a while with a master, and then see how well it goes.
    MY buddy could put his chi into a roundhouse kick after about 7-8 months of tai chi.
    Keep in mind, though, that a subjective feeling of chi may or may not correspond with whether or not there is chi being increased.

  5. Since your hormones are starting to kick in, and that is a good thing, get into something ancient that will fully tap into all systems of your body, including the “chi system”. Google “vibrating palm”. Check out old gung fu and ninjutsu. Have fun.


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