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Can anyone give me a head start to Astral Projecting? pls respond =)?

ive been tried to astral project 3 months ago but i lost the will to do it and it seems to get back to me
i see the words “astral project” or OBE a lot in the web and i want to start learning again
i have a lot of videos and ebooks but does anyone know where i should start as a BEGINER???


  1. http://www.allabouttheoccult.org/astral-projection-faq.htm
    What is astral projection?
    Perhaps the most widely known and used belief of the New Age “religion” is that of meditation and out-of-body experiences. Simple and mostly harmless meditative practices and the more advanced mind controlling spiritual-physical alterations of the true occultist metaphysical beliefs of the New Age movement are what define, to the public, the New Age movement. Among the various occultist techniques lies astral projection, following closely behind the more sophisticated remote viewing and spiritual enlightenment. Astral projection is in simplest form a meditative practice in metaphysics, the beliefs on which the New Age movement is founded.
    Astral projection is simple in definition. It is most commonly defined as the training of one’s soul to leave the physical body for an out-of-body experience in the astral body. Although this definition may change slightly depending on the belief of the individual, the basic concept and intent of astral projection remain the same. Astral projection is not high on the “scale of enlightenment,” so to speak; it is measured at just above plain meditation, and belongs to a group of techniques called projections or visualizations.
    This type of meditation is designed to separate the soul from the physical body by taking hold of one of seven “subtle bodies,” in this particular case the astral body. Visualization is slightly different from the astral projection in that the visualization relies on mental energy and imagery to imagine oneself as an animal or in the presence of a divine being. Astral projection supposedly allows the individual to explore the world in the astral body, almost completely detached from the physical body save for a thin, silver “umbilical cord” type thread.
    Time travel, supernatural knowledge, and similar claimed effects are the purpose of astral projections. They are both intentional meditations and the result of vivid, called “lucid,” dreaming where the individual enters a parallel state of consciousness.
    This “shift in consciousness,” whether factual or the result of an insane mind, is evil in nature and a part of the occult.
    Learn More about Out of Body Experiences! http://www.allabouttheoccult.org/out-of-body-experience.htm


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