Can anyone give me a free online tarot card reading?

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I’m a Pisces (March 7)and I want to know if anyone can give me a reading. And i want to know when i’ll be in a relationship and with what type of person and i’m pretty sure the tarot card reading would help. Thanks

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What you need to find is a fortune teller and there are lots and lots of them in your town and in most towns. Just look for a sign is the window of a little house on the main street that reads, “Psychic readings, inside.”
Regretfully, it will probably cost you a few dollars, but then, when you go to the grocery store they won’t let you out unless you pay the cashier.That’s how it works in this country. To have someone provide you with a service, requires effort on their part. When you have your hair done in a salon, you pay the sylist. When you go to any professional who takes time out to work for you, you pay them money.


A wonderful free site is

free readings here, no registration, no catches, fav site.


There are a number of free tarot readings and sites on the below blog you can check out.


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