Can anyone explain what happened to me?

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i think it may be called sleep paralysis, but anyway, sometimes in the mornings when ive waken up, i cant open my eyes, i cant move and i cant make a sound. Its very scary. A couple months ago i had it, but i never had it like this before..this time i could actually open my eyes and my vision was blurry and everything went grey. I heard some scary scream and it felt like something was being pulled out of my body. I remember trying to call out for my uncle. Also another time i had it, i stopped breathing and i had to very quickly break out of it. It scared me so much.

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Stephanie K

No, it’s happened to many people ( including me ) . There might be a ghost in your room or something, try opening your windows in the morning letting light in, and turning mirrors around so that it doesn’t face you. Try talking real loud to the spirits saying, ” YOU DON’T BELONG HERE, LEAVE ME ALONE . ” Go to your local chinatown, they have alot of ghost charms that keeps ghosts away.. and i believe jade jewlery helps.

bren, lady silver

you may want to take a look into something called psi vamperism. This is some thing that may help you figure out what is happening. There are many books and forums online that can tell you more then what I can.


That’s exactly what it is,Tina;sleep paralysis. It’s pretty darn scary while it’s happening but it is a harmless thing. It happens to many people. There’s nothing evil or paranormal about it. It’s simply the part of your brain that paralyzes you while you’re in deep sleep(this prevents you from acting out dreams and injuring yourself.) is slower to wake up than other parts of your brain. A lot of people say it feels as if they are being attacked or something is entering their body. Knowing what it is helps make it not so frightening.

time to move to google

there’s a website called “” which does suggest a “supernatural” assault, and, particularly, that somehow other dimensional beings have been given some access to you. that site is christian and sets out the nature of that experience in terms of the very entities that jesus was given power over, and that site indicates that even though you definitely cannot use jesus’ name simply as a mantra because that would actually subject the person to worse attacks, if a person sincerely calls on jesus’ name the experience will evaporate – if you or a reader checks out the site feel free to contact me to let me know if this is effective or not, because the nature of the experience is part of ideas i’m well acquainted with for a long time with neither refutation or verification.


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