Can anyone explain these tarot cards i drew?

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i have been having issues with my friends (of like 4 years) lately, i just feel like they have gotten really shallow, mean, and distant. anyways, i decided to ask the tarot cards about it. i did the past, present, and future reading. i have the psychic tarot card deck and i drew: Past-temptation (usually the devil in regular cards) Present-fertility (usually the empress), Future-harmony (usually the lovers)
what do you think that means?? can anyone decode that for me? thanks!

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Devil means in the past you were in a pretend friendship that wasn’t what it seemed. The empress implies that from the previous card these issues are out in the open and now undergoing a change. Finally, the lovers denoted that harmony is sure to come.
So things will work out for the better.


Ultimately, there will be a reconciliation.


Past–you were in a situation that was not going to grow, the Devil is about internal things, being hedonistic, everything about ‘us/me’. Seems appropriate.
Present — fertility. YOU are growing, this card isn’t about them. The Empress is a beginning and a nurturing, about things that have a future. Pretty good indication you’re well ready to move on and are able to do it just fine.
Future — Lovers. Nearly all the time this does NOT mean sexual lovers, it means working in harmony side by side with others. It can be co-workers, partners, family, anything that requires more than one person doing something (you and others). It looks like there’s good stuff ahead for you once you move away from your old friends, by starting new friendships you have a really nice open path ahead of you.


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