Home Discussion Forum can anyone explain reiki healing to me?

can anyone explain reiki healing to me?

ive seen things my entire life. felt them too. just started trying to understand & utilize it. i was sweeping an aura just 2 feel the energy & noticed hot spots. if i hovered above them, my hand glowed red & a blue ball formed coming from those areas. he said he felt smthn being pulled but it was painful, not peaceful. help please. thanx


  1. Get out of reiki- it is a counterfit form of energy manipulation that uses the so-called “universal
    energy” to correct energy deficiencies. Yes, it is real- but it is from a very, very dark source.
    Jesus is much more effective.

  2. It seems that you are doing a form of energy healing. You may benefit from learning Reiki to help you to harness your natural ability.
    Reiki is a form of healing that many believe is very similar to what Jesus did and what many churches that practice laying on of hands do. The practice of Reiki, however, is not a religious practice. It fits well into most religious philosophies but you do not have to have a particular belief system to offer or to receive Reiki successfully. I only bring up the religious thing because of other comments posted by people who make judgments without really understanding.
    A Reiki practitioner is trained by a Reiki master teacher. Don’t let the word master freak you out, it simply means that the person has completed a certain level of training, Ot does not imply that they have mastered life or that they are fit to be anyone else’s master. It is just the terminology used.
    A good Reiki Master teacher will help you to access the energy at will and to remain grounded and centered so that the energy may do its work and you will not become drained or take on anyone else’s problems as the untrained healer often does.
    Reike, enables the healer to channel the natural healing energy to relieve, pain and stress and to accelerate the natural healing process of the body. There are many scientific studies and anecdotal accounts that show the efficacy of Reiki in a variety of medical conditions.
    It has personally saved my life from a condition that doctors had treated me for for 7 years and the greatest hope they could offer me was a life in pain sustained by many medications. After 6 months of regular Reiki Treatments I was off all medication and have been free of that condition for 6 years.
    You can look online or in your local natural health magazines to find a Reiki Master Teacher near you. Do not take your first attunement for free over the internet. Pay a skilled teacher to do your first one in person. It is important that you are well trained in the fundamentals.

  3. reality
    these reiki, hypnosis metamorphism etc work on the principle of affirmation in human brain.
    basically it means that if you tell something to someone many times, he is going to believe it, and his body will start to react accordingly.
    its’ called placebo effect, google it.

  4. Hi Brandy,
    I am a Reiki Master and I can tell you that I have witnessed incredible healings. I work closely with the medical population and often get referred to from doctors (cardiologist, neurologist, pediatricians, etc). Reiki is not meant to replace medical intervention by any means, but it can be used to compliment any healing modality.
    To answer your question, sometimes a pain can increase before it begins to feel better and it is important that you receive the correct training before you try and help others.
    As for the other comments, I would suggest that you decide for yourself. Reiki does not use magic or evil, it can not do harm and I would never use it if I could bring any harm to anyone!!! There are many energy healing modalities, not just Reiki, so I would suggest that you begin doing some research and see which one feels right for you. Good luck.
    P.S. I never tell my client what they should and should not feel, that would defeat the purpose.


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