Sunday, September 26, 2021

Can anyone explain Quantum Entanglement. aka. spooky action?

Scientists in Geneva have demonstrated Quantum Entanglement; again. This would mean that information moves faster than the speed of light.
Any explanations? (Discovery magazine story).
And as an aside: Is the atom the microcosm of the universe?


  1. No. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, not even gravity. What is actually changing is the probability wave. When you define a measurement for one of the entangled particles, the probability wave leaves only one option for the other particle to become. The probability wave changes instantly; there is no information being sent to and from the two particles.
    Good analogy below…

  2. ever played a video game where you accidentally (?) kill the major’s dog and everyone in town hates you all at once?
    its like that.

  3. -.-“…
    Well ill check on my mum and see if she turns into light when i talk to know suddenly burst into light?? try that Travek fast than it become it

  4. This forum consists of only a handful of real physicists and astronomers, so from now on you would be better suited asking real physics forums.
    Study Bell’s theorem and how Dirac aether may be a solution.


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