HomeDiscussion ForumCan anyone do a tarot reading online for me?

Can anyone do a tarot reading online for me?

Can anyone do a tarot reading online for me?


  1. Everyone seems to want a free reading, and that is rude! You wouldn’t go to a mechanic and expect him to fix a car for free. So why do you expect someone to use their time, energy, and concentration doing a reading for free for you?
    If you want an affordable reading I suggest eBay. eBay has many good readers on there, but of course there are some terrible ones as well. So make sure to check out the person’s feedback–not the amount but the comments people have stated about their readings. I’m not trying to be rude, but when I get on here I try to help people with their Tarot skills, but more and more people expect free readings. Besides, I wouldn’t expect an accurate and detailed reading on here.

  2. True tarot reader’s do not charge. Be careful of the ones that charge a fee because they are playing on your weakness and will keep taking money from you. One of the best I ever went to in twenty years did not charge anything. Just know anything in a reading can change and is not set in stone. I hope this helps you out.

  3. True tarot readers don’t charge! HA! I know plenty of true ones. I personally take donations. I am not available for readings right now, but I can tell you a good site called World Tarot Readers they give Free readings. Check them out. They are all professional good readers.

  4. Readings from email or from online are extremely inaccurate, since there is no knowing if the reader is 1) legitimate (many are not) 2) experienced (many are not) 3) really focusing on your question and not on something else 4) really have your best interests at heart.
    So if you’re doing this for fun, go for it. But if you need a real, honest answer to something, please consider going to a real, live and local person, or learning cards yourself. It may save you swindle and heartache for a long time.


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