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Can anyone do a tarot card reading on me; I'm feeling very positive than I ever been in a long time?

Yeah, I met Leon a few days ago and now, I’m starting too feel positive than ever before. Anything good happening as you see? Thanks and enjoy your weekend. 🙂
Troxx: Why aren’t we friends anymore? Weird? Well anyways, how too get rid of my ex James? Anyone?


  1. Just keep the positive feeling,you don,t have to use what may be bogus reinforcement.
    i can write a poem.will help just as much.and yes,thank you and enjoy.

  2. I used the celtic cross layout. I will tell you what the cards all are and then I’ll tell you what I think they mean.
    Card 1- The present situation. 8 of pentacles reversed. This is the card of learning but it is reversed. You may not be concentrating on your studies as you should.
    Card 2- Immediate influences. The Star. Hope, faith, bright promise, awareness of two worlds.
    Card 3- Your life. Knight of pentacles. Hard work produces desired results.
    Card 4- The root of the reading. Page of pentacles. Study Hard.
    Card 5- The past. 7 of staffs. Take a stand. You have recently had to stand up for yourself.
    Card 6- The future. 9 of pentacles. Solitary wealth and luxury. Femininity. You will not NEED a man to be financially comfortable. Your schooling will allow you to be your own woman.
    Card 7- Your feelings. 4 of swords. Rest, seclution, meditation. You would like to kick back and do nothing.
    Card 8- Outside influences. 4 of cups. Discontent, introspection. Someone, I think it is a fair skinned man, is causing you trouble or will in the near future. Beware of him. Don’t give him power over you.
    Card 9- Your hopes or fears. Queen of pentacles. Material security, Financial stability. You want what all of us want, to be secure financially. To be able to pay the bills and have some play money on the side.
    Card 10- The outcome. Five of swords. Failure or trickery. I’m afraid that the young man I see in your reading will keep you from doing what you should be doing to succeed. If you allow this you will not have the financial freedom and the independance that you want. You are fore warned however and now you can do something about it. No matter how wonderful he seems, if he is really the one he will wait for you to finish your education. If he won’t wait he was not the one. I think you will do the right thing because the cards are all very positive and filled with your own feminine power except for those last two.


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