can ANYONE be a psychic/medium?

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like does EVERYONE have a gift of some sort that is i guess “supernatural”? And how can u find out what it is?

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Karate Kate

Whether or not everyone has a gift is your personal belief. In answer to your question, the answer is virtually yes. Although it would help to have good improv skills, an articulate vocabulary, and no moral compass– since you are giving people either false hope/unneeded dispair.
Although, most people who talk to psychics are simply lonely and want someone to listen to them– cheaper than a therapist.

Ms. GoodyTuShu

No, there are only certain people born with this sixth sense. Yes, I’m sure there are people out there who WANT to have the sixth sense, but there is nothing someone can do to gain that ability.
I have a relative who has a sixth sense and she did not know it until she was an adult…She can sense the energies off people and she knows what people have experienced in their lives. She also can sense what people will pretty much encounter in their future, but, her rule is that she can’t TELL people what she sees(whether good or bad) because she knows that these future events can be altered by a higher power.

Dawn Marie

In the real world, I would imagine that it would take a special gift, and that that gift is rather rare. I interviewed some 20 psychics/tarot readers from 2003-2005 and only found two that actually demonstrated potential talent and accuracy.
ON here, you can be just as psychic as anyone else who claims they are….
The beauty of the internet…


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