can anyone be a medium/psychic?

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people say that anyone can be psychic, but can anyone be a medium even if they are not already one? and if anyone can unlock their psychic potential how do you become a medium?

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No, but you can be an extra-large.


I think all that stuff is bologna! Seriously, the only one who knows our fate or can give you amazing advice is God.

Rebecca M

Those who claim to be a medium/psychic are all frauds…they’re just con artists

Father Sun

The best way to train your latent psychic abilities is ti find a legit teacher or a legit psychic who trained with someone or some school – yes, there are small localized schools for this sort of thing.
In lieu of that, there are books on training yourself. Even playing with a deck of ESP cards – or just using 6 cards from a regular – put all 6 together, pick out one face down, and try to guess which one it is. You will be exercising the part of yourself that is psychic.SImilarly, but much harder, with peole you know, try to imagine their back story if you don’t know it, then get to know more about them and see how much is right.
Be wary of charlatans on this path, as well as people who follow the dark energy. Wicca is a positive place to start, though some Wiccans can be bizarre or negative, many are interested in what you want.
Their are also ESP fairs in any major Western metro area at least yearly if not more often.


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if the possibility of telepathy exists how can psychology reject Hearing voices as a "spiritual" gift?

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