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Can anyone answer this question on Lao Tzu?

i have notes i guess i just need the question simplified or something to start me on a roll – thanks in advance.

“Therefore, when the Tao is lost, only then does the doctrin of virtue arise. When virtue is lost, only then does doctrine of humanity arise”
Is this criticism of Confucius way? On what grounds?

If anyone can simplify the quote and maybe very briefy attempt the question I’d much appreciate it

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10 years ago

Lao Tzu and Confucius are opposites, Lao Tzu was wise, Confucius was a fool!

10 years ago

I relate it to wu wai. When a great hatred is reconciled naturally some hatred will remain. How can this be made good? Therefore the sage keeps the obligations of his contract and axtracts no virtue from others. Those who have virtue attend to their obligations those who have no virtue attend to their claims. Heaven’s Reason shows no preference, but always assists the good person. Basically dont fall foul of just practicing practice, you know so do, it also questions the real depths of practical selfless living. It’s questioning the follower, like a test. When you become everything and… Read more »

10 years ago

The following commentary followed the Lao Tzu quote: ” The formulations of the virtues arise only after their roots have been covered. Chuang Tzu sees the Confucian as being “tattooed by humanity,” that is, by the doctrine of acting humanely. If you need the doctrine you are already lost, and following the doctrine will not return what you have thrown away but will in fact prevent you from finding it. Taoism can be seen to have therapeutic elements such as those that were mentioned earlier in the article. One cannot give a good answer to a bad question. When the… Read more »

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