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Can anyone account for the current popularity of the occult?

I mean, wheras before, ‘magic’ and the supernatural were a sort of clandestine affair now they’re on t.v. on a daily basis. I’m not saying this is wrong or anything, but 20 years ago we never had the interest we do now. Why the meteroric rise in popularity?


  1. Has always been popular – maybe you have just become aware of that.
    20 years ago we didn’t have such choice of tv programs or channels.
    Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – twas very popular past time (in Victorian times) and remains so today.

  2. Perhaps it can be linked to dissatisfaction with established religions and the rise of ‘New Age’ philosophies.
    People feel empowered by something they can learn about and practise without the mediation of authority figures.
    Ideas derived from ‘magic’ have informed the work of many thinkers in Great Britain, most notably Sir Isaac Newton.

  3. When people turn away from the truth, they look for something to satisfy their spiritual side-the occult has to do with that.

  4. Boredom. And wishing for something better. Unfortunately for these believers, its all baloney. Its no more real now than it was 100 years ago. In fact, most are exceptional bunko artists (like Sylivia Browne)

  5. theyve always been around theres just not somuch stigma attached to them nowadays so its safer to admit your into wicca or whatever where as before youd be burned at the stake if they thought you were a witch never mind if you were one or not. and also the choice of more channels on the tv. producers have to find new things tomake to get people to watch them

  6. I think one of the big reasons is that people today want choices. They want choices on the McD’s value meal and they want choices on what religion they want to be.

  7. It’s a novelty for most. For people who have been associated with it a long time, like myself, it’s no big deal really. It’s just another way of doing things and to look at things.

  8. Some thoughts…
    1. Don’t underestimate the power of advertising and marketing. In part it probably has nothing to do with the content of the Occult.
    ‘It is there, let us sell it.’ being the dictum.
    2. You could go sociological and talk about the loss of religion in the west and the need for an ‘alternative’ means of accessing spiritual experiences/ doing interpersonal magic etc.
    3. I find the occult is a good thinking tool. Most of the material is (for me) nearly incomprehensible. Try Crowley. It ends up becoming a template for whatever you want. The first lesson in the occult is ‘seek and you shall find’.
    4. For me the whole mandala/ kabalist tree of life is useful for demonstrating the patterns of relation between the various archetype-complexes in the mind, a sort of map of the soul. Interesting but esoteric.

  9. Just speaking for myself, I got tired of always doing the “right, Christian” thing and then being screwed over royally by the person (who was always a Christian). I couldn’t see surrendering to a religion that called for me to be a door mat. The meaning of life couldn’t possibly be to take lots of abuse and be used until there is nothing left so you die. So I searched elsewhere and found a different religion.

  10. The occult has always had a following. You may just now becoming aware of it. It seems that there is a rising of the occult due to t.v. shows and what not, but it has always been around.

  11. A lot of things that were taboo have become acceptable, the occult is just one of them. When a thing that was taboo becomes acceptable, people who are involved in those things start to come out into the open, tv has reflected this.

  12. The reason many pagans and occultists are more visible is that we now have laws to protect our right to express our religious beliefs. There is still a long way to go, people are still dismissive of paganism as a religion but it is much better than it used to be. Also those who pioneered the New Age movement have now passed their values on to the next generations, spreading the ideas and conventions of paganism much wider.
    In our more secular society, many people are dissatisfied with established religion and seek a more individual spiritual path. Interestingly enough, this turn in ideology has long been predicted by astrologers. Apparently, we are entering the sphere of influence of the Age of Aquarius, a time when people will become more open to alternative forms of spirituality.

  13. Its always been around. Its just gotten to the point that people are becoming more comfortable about discussing, and laying claim to it. I don’t think to many are worried about being burned at the stake anymore.

  14. A large percentage of Women/girls appear to have adopted Neo-Paganism and its related activities. I do not see a large role available to woman within conventional belief systems, and the concept of new-age belief systems having equality, no book of Truth and no `Big Fish` driving Cadillacs, no doubt encourages individual freedoms. Without doubt new-age beliefs empower those of a superstitious persuasion.

  15. Paganism is becoming more mainstream, largely due to the efforts of those pagans who have been trying to get widespread acceptance through good P.R. Therefore the image of paganism and the occult has become more friendly to the masses, who generally need things to be watered down adn easy to digest. This is why you have an explosion of Wicca 101 books with non-scary content and easy to read language, rather than a mainstream embracing of Aleister Crowley with his deeper topics and more difficult reading style.

  16. I don’t believe there is a rise in the popularity of the occult – there is just merely more means of dessiminating information (i.e., more TV channels than 20 years ago, the internet, etc.).
    There has indeed been more studies and discoveries over the past 2 decades to make us raise our eyebrows and go “hmmmm???” about things.

  17. The major religions are just as popular as they ever where but, more younger people are being disillusioned by the inconstancy’s in them. The occultist get a single strait forward answers to the questions they have in life. I myself am a heathen because I found to many falsehoods in the Faith of my parents.

  18. Very simple…
    People investicate the truth and realise mainstream relgious has a history of sick and perverted abuse ie
    and islam
    Mainsteam relgion also is vert sexist and homphobic and all loonely about lovely affection outide a baby making marriage
    Then they find out that they were lied to about witches etc.
    that they are not all animal sacrificing devel worshipers as many are veges, love aimals, have no concept of the deveil and are all nice caring lovable hippy types even the ones into the heavey meal miagry.
    And that wicca and the occult dont see sex as an evil dirty immoral thing.
    More like two halves of people coming together to be happy.
    Ie occult all nice, religion all nasty
    In particualr with girls…
    the occult and witches and pagans wetc… are not diminat over girls and all repressive, But they have female dieties like mother earht and its nature worship and you can have priestesses and witches who have power.
    And that much of it is girliness ie flirting and caring.
    So all there were told by mainstream relgious was lies, that the mainstrem moral lot were the nasty lot and the pagansa and witches are the nice lot who treat girls with respect unlike the mainstream relgions.
    And that girls can be girls and enjoy life and enjoy their sexaulity.
    Plus no more crap… as mainstream relgioun cant attack and hide it so much now

  19. People aren’t getting spiritual satisfaction from mainstream religion and are looking elsewhere. The reason for this is that we have more time than our ancestors had. Modern technology has done that for us and we are actually starting to stop and reflect upon things and even question things that were once accepted without question.


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