can anybody tell me about qi gong 氣功?

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I just want to learn more about qigong. How do people use it? does it have a religious background to it? what are the basic things to learn in qigong? what are the different types of qigong? are there any good websites to learn about qigong?? Can you Tell me about some of the masters of qi gong?

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Qi qong is part of the physical conditioning used in taichi. The literal meaning is “working the qi” where the “qi” is the same “chi” in taichi. Loosely speaking, within taichi there are different phases of training.
The first phase is to teach the practitioner how to relax and remove tension from their mind and body with being able to do the routines.
The second phase is to train one to be sensitized to the ebb and flow of the “chi” in ones body. This is where qi-qong cames in by doing certain sets of exercises that is supposedly circulating the “chi” throughout the body.
The last phase of taichi training is to learn how to manipulate the “chi” and use it in self-defense.
The entire concept of “chi” or “qi” comes from Taoism. There is no way I am going to be able to explain all about it here , so you need to some web surfing on Tao or Dao.


Qigong means “energy work” in Chinese. Qigong is a set of exercises that promotes energy flow in ur body to promote health. Qigong plays a major part in Chinese medicine, its the basis of accupuncture. Later it was incorporated into MAs. Internal MAs such as Taijiquan are forms of Qigong. Its based in Taoism.
There is too much to explain about Qigong. If ur interested in learning about it then i suggest u check google for a list of schools in ur area that teaches it, and talk with the instructors. U should do some research on the instructors. U should only study Qigong from an instructor with at least 10 years of experience. Watch out for those new age jerkoffs. They prey upon people who dont know any better and try to make money of f of them. Qigong should only be learned under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Learning Qigong without a qualified instructor is stupid and potentially dangerous.

Sensei Scandal

Ron – Qi and the tai “chi” are two completely different meanings and writings altogether.
Qi means Breath. Nothing more.
Chi from Taichi means Ultimate.
They are both written differently in the Chinese.
Let’s know about the topic of the question so no one is mis-informed.
To the asker – the many volumes that have already been written still don’t cover all that this is to know about Qi.
I have seen video of Chinese Masters who striking at someones arm without contact, left red welts on the arm. The Master’s name is Ma Chun and he is one of China’s Living Treasures.
There was also a man who had a canary in his hand, held by its feet. The man took a breath and opened his hand. The bird was flapping its wings but could not fly off the man’s hand. The man took another deep breath and the bird flew away.
The camera was right on the person the both times.
It was a documentary on Qi and Healing I saw on cable back in the early 80’s.
It’s real but your answers await you still, if you really want to know about it.


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